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Wife uses it every day for her stroke two years ago in November. Whole body went out of whack. Last 2-3 weeks used on self 15 hrs day! Excited about so much that’s happened to her: a cyst on head that itched, used on low for 10 min each time, relieved the itch. Uses on drooping eyes from stroke, after two days 10 min each treatment; now can open better, and not dry anymore. Uses for headaches. Uses on each temple 10 minutes on each. Relieves the pain. Problem with hearing, left ear, since age 9 from scarlet fever. Hears better now! She’s thrilled with everything.

Uses for sinus trouble. Uses on low for all head problems. Growth in lymph gland since age 9, gone after two days! Thyroid gland partially reduced. Has angina from heart attack. Relieved with 20 minute treatment a day, over heart, under breasts. Helped so much…indigestion has been relieved with a 20 minute treatment. Frequent urination since stroke has been relieved. Dry vagina, tests negative for cancer, uses for one hour between the legs. Helped with dryness dramatically. No more breaking out or itching.

She’s 83 yrs old and has arthritis in hands. Could not open without pulling fingers. After only one treatment she can open the left hand and keep it open! After 2 days of treatment, right hand is almost able to open (this from stroke), stiff wrist from stroke and now can move it and elbow is able to drop and straighten. It’s changed her life.

Harvey Oosterven, Cliburne, TX

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