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5 years ago, my brother suffered from a full body stroke as a result of an extradural hemorrhage. After spending nearly one month in the regular hospital and three in a rehabilitatation hospital, he was released and returned to his home. Those 4 months required the utmost attention and assistance of the entire family. As a rehabilitation counselor, I was able to spend many days working with the therapists at the rehab center.

As with nearly all stroke victims, he continued to have TIA’s. After all of this, he suffered another major attack. I had become a licensed massage therapist before his latest attack, and I started working with him in the hospital using the CHI Infratonic 3.0. After he returned home, I purchased the CHI Infratonic 4.2 “Chaos” model [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and began treatments on his full body. While using the Infratonic on his shoulder and left arm, I could feel and “hear” the release of his traumatized muscles. He now owns both machines.

-Paul Harvey, MA/LMT

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