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This horse was a wonderful jumper. 9 years old and because of his size and ability he had contracted a bone chip just below the left knee. I had watched this horse for a year prior to buying him. He would jump beautifully for a month and then would be off for 2 months. She had the leg x-rayed and was told of the bone chip. This had been going on for a couple of years and would have continued had the owner not taken ill and decided to sell Bailey.

He was off when I purchased him. I was ready to have the surgery on the leg when I started the treatments with the CHI. The leg was scanned a month later and the vet felt that the surgery wasn’t needed at that time. That was two years ago and he hasn’t had an off day since.

UPDATE: 4 days ago Bailey slipped off a sidewalk coming back from a trail. He tweaked his shoulder and limped a quarter of a mile back to the stables. Thank goodness the Chi machine was in my truck. I worked on him for one hour and then gave him an herbal anti-inflammatory. When I started he was on 3 legs; when I left he was back on all fours. What is really interesting about this whole CHI thing is that it does work. I believe that the reason animals responds so well to it, is that they do not know how not to. They just know that they feel better.

I’ve had people call it Voo Doo and chuckle under their breath. Yet, my horses are fit and happy. The people who have the most to say about my methods have 3 horses off and vet bills climbing. I’ve turned around 2 at the barn and the office and they now have their own machines. They watched and saw what it did for me and my babies. Thank you. You have contributed to my well being. My horses appreciate you too.

Su Bacon, Monrovia, CA

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