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Fracture of tibial crest with open wound to joint of thoroughbred horse. Told by several vets that horse would never be sound to ride except for trail at a walk. After 8 months and three sets of x-rays no apparent change. Horse was not healing and would never be sound. Use the Infratonic (Balance) for one month, every other day, for fifteen minutes to one half hour. Held directly over fracture.

In only that one month, x-rays taken again. Vet said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop”. The fracture has almost healed and almost all of the arthritis was gone. I truly believe the Infratonic healed my horse. He is not lame at all. And it is all quite amazing. You should see him run and buck and play and never take a sore step. Thank you.”

– Lisa Yarchar (Safety Harbor, FL)

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