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65-year-old male with right hip replacement with an iatrogenic surgical mishap, which damaged a major nerve to the lower leg, producing desensitization and foot dropsy. Patient had a blood clot in the thigh and severe edema throughout the right lower extremity with pain and immobility, and low back and hip pain. As a component of therapeutic care, the Infratonic was applied to many areas of the swollen thigh, knee, lower leg and foot. Except in the area of the blood clot, the transducer was placed directly against the tissue. Sweeping was applied initially over the entire body to introduce a sense of relaxation to the tissues and to the nervous system.

Therapeutic deep tissue release and rehabilitative stretching and mobilizing activities for the entire body were applied in conjunction with the Infratonic, which was used on the affected lower extremity. The combination of tissue release and the tremendous effectiveness of the Infratonic in reducing edema and pain, and increasing the body’s recognition of the work to be done in healing an injury, produced so much relief for the patient during the first day, and repeated on the second and third day, that the patient responded with a grateful, “You’ve given me my life back.” Integrating the Infratonic with therapeutic tissue work and exercise as well as education of what the patient can do to make life better increases the probability of a more successful outcome under these circumstances.”

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

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