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Cerebral palsy and its complications. This is a 51-year-old female which has been receiving weekly massage for 6 years. She suffers frequent headaches, facial and neck pain, scoliosis, left foot inversion and left leg rotation. I have been using the 8.0 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] since October 2001. She receives weekly treatments, 35 minutes of massage & 35 minutes Infratonic. I use all 3 settings. Actually, since I have been using the machine, she has been having more severe reactions.

I really believe the treatments bring many past trauma issues up and she is being released to a greater extent. The spasticity changes degrees from week to week. She comes in depressed and in pain and leaves laughing and hopeful. During treatment, her body goes through remarkable “unwindings” all over. She stretches and gets range of motion in her arms, neck, hips and legs that I could never “force” into a stretch. She can walk better. Her spine is more erect and headache and neck pain eases dramatically.

-Patricia Craighead (Galloway, OH)

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