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Problem: Chest neuropathy from coronary artery surgery. First one was in 1997 where they took an artery from left leg below the ankle up to the groin and put it in the chest. Scar running from Ren 22 to Ren 14 where sternum was broken. The second surgery was an experimental double mammary artery surgery in 1994. Patient has 3 stainless steel wires holding the sternum together and 40 metal clips or tags to identify where the graphs start and end.

Patient has pain with every breath and has been unable to expand chest fully for the last 20 years. Feels like a pulling sensation in upper chest. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the worse, it has been an average of an 8 except when taking prescription medicine, and then it goes down to a 5 level. His doctors has said that this will be as good as it gets and he will have to live with this level of pain for the rest of his life.

Treatment: Normally I have the patient lie on their left side and hold the Infratonic 4.1 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] which is set on Low and continuous over the worse area of pain to begin with, while I start treatment with acupuncture probes. In order for us to know our progress during the treatment, I have the patient take as deep a breath as they can and this is our guide towards success. Within 7 minutes we have a 50% improvement in chest expansion and pain level. We only began timing the breathing after the 10th treatment. We have done 13 treatments as of 5/22/04, one time a week for one hour. I then use one of the probes on the upper back and one on the chest, simultaneously where the patient has the most pain while the patient continues to hold the Infratonic on the most painful area.

I use the positive probe on the back area and the negative probe on the chest area of most pain. After 10 minutes, I have them breathe once again and the pain and pulling are now 75% improved. I have them lie on their back now and we use the probes over any areas that are still restricted while they hold the Infratonic at the top of the left shoulder to direct the energy down through the whole left chest cavity. We do this until the hour is up. At the end of the session, they have a reduction in pain and pulling down to a level 4, which gives them the ability to breathe with minimal difficulty that lasts for an average of 3 days. We want to do this treatment every 3 days, just as soon as we find out if insurance will cover the treatment cost and purchase of a Infratonic machine.

On May 22, 2004, we experimented with using only the Infratonic for 45 minutes. The patient holds the transducer over the #1 pain area for 20 minutes on Low and continuous. Results are 50% improvement, less pain and pulling, and able to take deeper breaths and expand the chest easily. The next 10 minutes stayed the same, no marked improvement, holding though. Moved transducer to area #2, in 5 minutes less pulling and tightness in that area, then on to #3 area for 5 minutes and had the same results, less pulling and tightness, then on to area #4 for 5 minutes. Next, we have them lie on their side and we began the acupuncture in the ear and the use of the probes as described above for the remainder of the treatment. As each quadrant or area relaxed, the patient was able to experience a reduction of pain and pulling and take fuller breaths. The machine I use is an Infratonic 4.1, on Low and continuous for 60 minutes one time per week.

Quality of Life Improvements: Patient has had 13 treatments now. Comes in one time per week and their pain is usually at a 6 level and goes down to a 4. Which is in their words, “A Marked Improvement and something they could live with”. This is great they say, and it lasts averaging up to 3 days. They had no hope of recovery for the last 20 years. Now, they see a light at the end of this tunnel of pain that they have been experiencing. As soon as the Infratonic is placed on their chest they feel soothed!!! Immediately. They have used a Tens unit at home regularly and said that it only relives pain while it is on and it has no residual benefit. Whereas the Infratonic treatment, one time per week, has a residual effect of up to 3 days. What a blessing. Thank you for a product/machine that can make such a difference in the quality of a person’s life who has suffered for so long without hope and how has hope and relief.”

Dana Horvath, Paris, TN

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