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Problem: I am 72-years-old and have been in excellent health throughout my life until last summer. I am still working on a diagnosis. I did take a bad fall the winter of 2003. Last winter I progressively got worse and experienced a lot of inflammation and pain, primarily in my shoulders and arms and hip area. I had gotten so bad that I was truly getting very discouraged. My sister, who is a massage therapist from Maine, had purchased an Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] earlier in June for use during her therapy sessions. She had recently ordered a second machine to have available to here clients for orthopedic injuries, pre/post surgery and to enhance general well-being during physical and emotional trauma. When she heard through others how badly off I was, she immediately took time off to come work on me and ended up leaving that second machine with me.

Treatment: I have used it daily ever since for one to four hours/day, and often fall asleep with it at night until I wake up to go to the bathroom. In bed, I typically use it on the Body/Deep Calm setting and while awake, I use it on Mind/Balance & Spirit/Acute.

Quality of Life Improvements: I can truly say that my sister’s work and the Infratonic were a real turnaround for me. The Infratonic has undoubtedly improved my quality of life. I have a lot of inflammation in my hands and legs/feet as well and it helps reduce inflammation and pain. It has improved all aspects of my life including sleeping, walking, my entire physical and emotional well being. I still must work 3 days a week, and it is comforting to know that I can return home and get relief from my inflammation and pain with the Infratonic. If I were to win this I would give it to my sister so she could have it available for her clients. Thank you.

-Pearl Dubay (Danielson, CT)

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