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I am a runner and frequently sustain local aches and pains from training for marathons. The QGM helps me get through those days. This particular time I broke the fourth metatarsal bone in my foot. Experiencing some level of pain, but continued to run on it for about 6 more miles until the pain was so intense that I stopped running and called a cab to take me back to my car. I treated my painful area with the QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm]  (Mind) twice every day placing the unit directly on top of my foot over the pain for one hour twice a day. It would relieve most of the pain so that I could still go to work each day (I am a Personal Trainer and I am on my feet all day long).

At this point I still didn’t know that my foot was broken, and I would work out on the low impact cardio equipment at the gym which would increase the pain some, but I could treat it again when I got home with the QGM and the pain would be less. After a few weeks I started to feel much better and I decided to jump rope while at the gym and it began hurting much worse again. I finally went in and had an x-ray taken of my foot a month after the injury and I then found out that it was broken. I stopped all high impact exercises and continued the treatments twice daily with the QGM. Thanks to my QGM, I was able to continue working every day without pain medication and I have just run my first marathon since the incident.

-Patricia Saad (San Diego, CA)

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