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I was standing on a wooden bench, leaning over to reach something. The bench tipped over, and I fell, with the edge of the bench knocking hard into my right shin (tibia). The pain was excruciating, and it was some time before I was even able to get up off of the floor. I was unable to put any weight on my right leg – it turned out that I had a hairline fracture from the blow – so with the help of a friend, I hopped back to my room where I immediately reached for my CHI machine (chaos model). By this time my entire lower leg – from ankle to knee – was swollen, bright red and quickly turning purple.

What happened next is truly remarkable. As I ran the transducer (Mind) up and down my leg – focusing it every now and then on the actual area of injury – the swelling started to subside and the purple color began to fade. I felt like I was a character on Star Trek, with the doctor using her medical tricorder…you know, where the serious injury heals right before your eyes! Once the generalized swelling subsided, I focused entirely on the injury site, which was throbbing with pain and quite tender. I used the CHI machine all that evening, and almost non-stop the next day, which luckily was a Saturday. By that evening I was able to start to put a slight bit of weight on my leg. By Sunday evening, after another day using the machine, I was able to begin to walk a bit, although of course with some difficulty. The swelling over the fracture site was greatly reduced, as was the pain and tenderness.

I continued to use the CHI machine as often as possible throughout the next number of weeks, with continuing great improvement. I mostly targeted the injury site, but also followed along any tightness I felt in the muscles throughout my leg, as I knew this tensing was a reaction to the injury. I would also on occasion use the transducer on the bottom of my right foot, aiming up the bone. By the following weekend I was able to walk with only a slight limp, with the pain quite reduced, and localized to precisely the area of the hairline crack (I am a body therapist and could actually palpate the fracture). Within a couple of weeks my leg felt almost completely healed, with just some residual soreness around the injury site. This diminished with continued use of the CHI machine…I could actually feel the bone heal from the inside out, the actual bone “bruise” being the last to go.

Beverly Kune, Santa Fe, NM

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