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I do not own the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] but I do own the Infratonic 8000 and it is a wonderful product! I have used it for a bad knee, lower back pain and neck pain. I have also used it for arthritis in the joints. I was diagnosed with a “Herniated Disc” several years ago, and the Doctor wanted to put a “Cage” in my back, I did not proceed with that procedure and decided to live with the pain. I have used the Infratonic 8000 to treat the pain and inflammation and my back feels great today. I can do everything and my back does not bother me at all! There are some days that it gets stiff or some discomfort, but, all I do is use the Infratonic 8000 on it for 30 minutes, and it’s all better! I highly recommend these products if anyone is suffering from any kind of pain you wont be sorry!  5 out of 5 stars.


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