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One of its greatest uses for me is enabling me to fly (on airplanes of course). I had a bad case of flying phobia. In addition to some therapy sessions, I took my Infratonic on board with me and it gave me such a feeling of peace – I actually enjoyed the flight! Now, I always fly with my trusty Infratonic. Back on the ground at home, anytime I have an ache or pain or experience symptoms of a cold or flu, I place the transducer on various points on my body and nine out of ten times the symptoms disappear. I have actually felt pain melt away within minutes of applying the sound vibrations directly to the location of the pain. I have used it for toothache, hip and other joint pain, hiccups, muscle aches, headaches and stiff neck. I use my Infratonc Unit to relieve feelings of stress, nervousness and worry. When I experience trouble falling or staying asleep, I place the transducer on my thigh and am lulled to sleep. I’ve owned and upgraded various units for about 20 years and I would never want to be without one. I depend on it!  5 out of 5 stars

Lou Ann

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