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Problem: A patient of mine got in the middle of a dog fight trying to separate the dogs. She ended up with a fracture of her fifth metatarpal and a crushed wrist + multiple dog bites that had to be sutured. I saw her the day after this happened.

Treatment: I have a CHI Infratonic 4.2 [Latest Version is CHI Palm], on 7/30/03 I did a general body sweep for about 10 minutes to address her state of shock, then while I did some gentle bodywork (Bowen Technique), I placed the CHI machine over her cast over her fifth metacarpal for 20 minutes and over her wrist for 20 minutes. On 8/5/03 and 8/19/03: the same protocol without sweeping. 25 minutes over foot fracture and 25 minutes over wrist. 9/2/03: got x-ray of foot. Orthopedist removed cast and commented how well and fast her fracture did mend, that women in her age group usually do not heal so fast. 9/3/04: walking without cast was hard, difficulty to roll foot and walk without a limp. Repeated same protocol.

Quality of Life Improvements: 7/30/03: she could feel right away a sense of relaxation, re-centering and grounding from the sweep. Walking was easier with walking cast, less limping and overall pain was reduced at foot and wrist. 8/5/03 and 8/19/03: was able to put more weight on foot each time. Wrist a bit slower to respond but overall less pain and more mobility. 9/3/03: could walk basically without a limp putting all weight on foot. It just took a month for this fracture to heel and has experienced no residual discomfort since.

-Patrik Rousselot (Oakland, CA)

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