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I’ve gotten boils my whole life, especially when I was young. Now, at the age of 53, I rarely suffer from them, but they do sometimes occur. About 9 days ago, a boil-like infection flared up on the back left side of my neck, just up inside my hair line. There was a lump that got bigger and more painful every day for about three days. At that time I knew it wasn’t going to get better without me taking some action, so I began the traditional application of hot compresses to bring the infection to a head. I did this for another three days to no avail. The infection was apparently too deep to be brought to a head. By this time, a two inch diameter area was affected, red, swollen with a painful nickel sized lump in the middle. I knew it was time to go to my doctor and have the infection lanced open and cleaned out.

The evening of that 6th day I had a brainstorm. I thought, why not use the Infratonic 8 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and see what affect it has? So I laid down, turned my head to the right and set the Infratonic transducer on the pillow, against and directly centered on the area of infection. I used the MIND setting for two hours and then switched to the BODY setting. I fell asleep but woke up after another hour, turned off the Infratonic and slept till 3 am. At that time I reapplied the Infratonic for another 3 hours, until 6 am, when I got up for work. The improvement in my condition was nothing short of miraculous! The swelling was virtually gone, along with the pain, and the lump had decreased in size by 50%! The following evening I used the Infratonic again for 2 hours before going to sleep and 2 hours before arising. That was yesterday. Today, there remains only the slightest perceptible bump and the infection seems to be completely gone!

Your Infratonic 8 has saved me yet again; this time from the minor surgery of lancing an infection, the recovery from that, plus the cost! I’m fairly certain that the Infratonic has paid for itself, just in un-needed doctor visits and medicine I haven’t had to buy! I can’t thank you enough for making these Infratonic devices available to the public. Words cannot adequately describe how my life has benefited from this technology. I’m trying to spread the word.

Ed Siccardi Jr, Downingtown, PA

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