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My success story with the Infratonic 4 [Latest version is CHI Palm] is about myself. I use this treatment every night while watching TV for one to two hours. I set it on “High” and apply it to the place of discomfort that day. I have osteoarthritis in my left shoulder and arthritis in my cervical spine that raises havoc with my nerves in my arm. I sit with the Chi energy flowing into the area for as long as my program lasts. I sleep with no pain and in the morning I find the stiffness and painfulness diminished as a result of the treatment.

In addition, I have lower back and hip pain that has had me literally “gimping” across the floor. It was painful to get in and out of my car, walk the stairs or the floor. I used the same protocol as for my shoulder problem. I am now able to walk, get in and out of my car with relative ease, and climb the stairs, vacuum, do gardening and yardwork with no pain or stiffness. I aim the CHI machine directly to the problem area with fantastic results.

-Doris Gray (Toms River, NJ)

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