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On October 10, 1996 I was climbing up to my attic on the pull-down staircase and lost my balance. My left leg got caught between two rungs and as a result ended up with a major Tibia Plateau Fracture. I was rushed to a local hospital’s ER. There was no orthopedic doctor on duty and thus I was examined, sent home with a wrap around cast until I could see an orthopedic surgeon. I declined surgery and in place of the wrap around cast, I was fitted with a fiberglass cast, which I wore for about 9 weeks.

After it was removed, I had weeks and months of physical therapy and weight training, while learning to go from wheelchair adjustment to arm crutches and actually had to re-learn how to walk again. It was a long and grueling experience. It was approximately 3 years before I could walk again with some normalcy and even by this time, I had frequent problems with compression and swelling. During this period, something amazing occurred, as I received a flyer from your company in San Clemente, CA with the description of the benefits of the Chi Machine. I immediately knew that this was the miracle waiting for me! I purchased the machine right away.

After receiving the Chi machine, I used it daily for about an hour at least 2 to 3 times a day. I would set it directly on my knee and around the surrounding muscle tissue. I did not have the normal flexion and extension of the knee joint, which was noticeably displaced as a result of the accident. Over the weeks of using the Chi machine, I began to see wonderful results. There was less pain/compression and I was walking with much more ease and normal gait. My leg became stronger and I found that I could finally resume the tasks that I had done before the injury. I am a Polarity Therapy Practitioner, and after all these years I am able to stand with ease, while working on a client. That is a gift in itself!! I walk well and have very few limitations now. To this day, I still use my Chi machine. I have no doubt that this miraculous machine played a major role in my blessed recovery of body, mind and spirit!!

– Janet Van Sise (South Yarmouth, MA)

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