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To date, I have had 20 major surgeries. I had 6 vertebrae fused because of severe spinal stenosis. I’m in constant pain and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Presently I am scheduled for knee replacement and later this year I’ll require a hip replacement. I use the QGM {New Design:  CHI Palm] (Mind) for 20 minutes, several times daily, day or night, whenever the pain becomes aggravating.

Since I started using your machine, I found that my energy has increased and I accomplish more. My leg cramps are gone and emotionally, I’m a happier person. Prior to using the QGM, I had to force myself to perform simple tasks. I had difficulties concentrating and was always very tired. The continuous use of your Infrasonic QGM machine has resulted in alleviating some of my pains and reduced others to a tolerable level. On overnight travels, the machine is an essential piece of my luggage. I honestly could not be without this equipment anymore.

-Karola Schumacher (Murrieta, CA)

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