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I was in the kitchen fixing dinner and had some pasta boiling in a pan. I took the boiling water and pasta off the stove and was emptying the water in the sink. The lid slipped and the boiling water covered the back of my left hand. As you can imagine, it was very painful. I was supposed to play golf the next day, but knew there was no way I could put a glove on or even hold the club. By this time not only was my hand very red, but also it was swelling up. I put ice on the top of my hand but it was too painful: I thought about my CHI machine. Because I couldn’t touch the top of my hand, I put the transducer on the palm of my left hand, and ran it through the 20-minute cycle twice. I let the transducer cool off and ran it one more time.

I waited about an hour and ran one more session, holding the transducer above the outside top of my left hand, not touching the hand. I couldn’t decide whether to call my golfing foursome that night and tell them I couldn’t play so they could call someone for a fourth. Finally I decided to wait until morning, knowing they would still have time to get a fourth in the morning. I went to bed. When I woke up, much to my amazement, my hand was not swollen, just a little pink and it was not sore. I got my golf glove and put it on, and took a couple of swings with my golf club. No pain! I was exuberant and shared the story on the golf course that morning.

-Mary Ellen Martin (Mosinee, WI)

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