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I’m a novelist, which means I spend way too much time in front of a computer screen. I also have a history of severe neck injuries. When I’m not careful, and don’t take breaks, my neck will lock up and it’s very painful. A few days ago, as I was working in a design program, I realized I had been sitting at the computer for four hours straight. When I got up, I felt my neck and my left shoulder lock up. I did some yoga stretches and twists to ease the pain, but this was a mistake. When I went to lie down, I had one of the worst attacks of vertigo that I had ever experienced. It felt like the room was spinning and that I was going to vomit. I got up and immediately grabbed my CHI Palm. I used it on my neck, my shoulder, and in less than twenty minutes, the nausea vanished. I was so surprised. I could get myself to the chiropractor for an adjustment and used the CHI Palm again and felt my neck release even more. Normally, a bout of this nature would have me in bed for at least two days, recovering from the pain. I’m so thrilled that I used the CHI Palm, it is now my “go to” device when I strain a muscle, or when my dog shows signs of limping. It’s an outstanding product.

Rachel Heller


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