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An Unexplained Miracle… CJ has been my friend for over 50 years, I was best man at his wedding and he remains married to his beautiful wife. Naturally, a great deal of sadness overcame me when CJ suffered a stoke. His right side debilitated, required months of rehab to even function and his right hand was closed like a fist. 

I bumped into a doctor at a retreat and she allowed me to use her Infratonic over night and I felt enough value in one day to immediately order one. I was traveling and I sent the Infratonic to CJ’s address and since it arrived several days before me I encouraged him to try it. He used it for two days and his hand relaxed and was no longer in a fist. He saw the value and said “I am not giving this unit back – I will give you the money to buy another one.”

This was over five years ago, and with Covid disconnecting us more than naturally, I finally got to see CJ as he lives 1500 miles away. I noticed his hand was back in a fist. I asked him if he was using the Infratonic? He said he forgot about it! We found it, charged it up and again 5 years after purchase and 15 years after his stroke CJ had his right hand relax. Who knows what more is possible? I know he is dedicated to continue its use and find out.  Friends for longer than many people have lived are as precious as they are rare.

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