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Problem treated: Unintentionally discovered that Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] overnight will treat lack of dreaming and/or not remembering dreams.  Before 10+ years ago and my first Infratonic 9, I rarely remembered my dreams. Now that I do, I sleep much more profoundly, feeling much more revivified upon waking. Apparently the Infratonic 9, not only allows me to remember dreams but to dream. My speculation is that the treatment allows the water in my tissues — not exclusively my brain, to tune into the dreamworld.

I wedge Infratonic 9 unit under cushion next to me while asleep. Usually I set the unit to “acute”, but I’ve used each of the 3 power settings.

Yes, of course, I use an i9 unit for all sorts of normal things like spasms and injuries. But those are boring, if very helpful, results, and thankfully, no major conventional injuries to report in the last 10 years. So that’s since March 2013, when I used the i9 to treat my left wrist which I badly injured in a figure skating fall.

Jay – NYC


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