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We were playing golf at the Wigwam Golf Courses in Litchfield Park, Arizona. My husband, who has macular degeneration and has limited eyesight, decided to bring the golf cart to where I was hitting my golf ball. He was driving the cart from the passenger side, since he was moving the cart a very short distance. Instead of hitting the brake, he pressed the accelerator foot and hit me square on.

It knocked me to the ground so hard, I thought I had broken my left hip. My leg was paralyzed or almost, because I could not move it. After getting back to our home, I put the Infratonic on my left hip and leg and kept it there most of the night. In the morning I was able to walk, and by the next day I tried playing golf again. By the following day I was back to playing 9 holes, which two days previously I had thought to be almost impossible.

-Elsie Seidelhuber (Seattle, WA)

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