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The Inflammation Inferno: Shattering Established Beliefs

We’re not fans of anyone being in pain, especially when it involves the complexity of inflammation. This is why we’re launching “The Inflammation Inferno,” an enlightening series that demystifies this intricate process. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of inflammation, including its relation to nutrition, wellness, and reducing pain, and ultimately guide you to a clearer understanding of your health.


Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our extensive collection of blog posts, each one a step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Abdominal Scar Tissue

Hyaluronic Acid Dissolves Abdominal Scar Tissue

Most chronic abdominal pain is caused by old residual scar tissue, lesions, and adhesions. After…

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Rafi Neri, Surfer Broken Femur

Rafi’s Recovery from Broken Bone to the Winner’s Circle

Sixteen-year-old Rafi Neri, a professional surfer from Maui, found himself in a dire situation during…

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What Makes Bones Heal Faster?

What Makes Bones Heal Faster?

Broken bones are some of the most violent, painful, and debilitating injuries we can suffer.…

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Introducing the CHI Sun

Amanda’s Two-Week Journey Uncovering the Advantages of the CHI Sun

Join us for a candid, one-on-one dialogue with Amanda, one of our committed beta-testers. In…

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Manage Your Allergies

Revitalize Your Health: Cleansing and Resetting DNA to Alleviate Allergies

The immune system can be extremely intelligent when it’s not disabled or confused. It can…

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How Does Emotion Shape Inflammation?

Emotional Inflammation: Exploring the Unseen Influence on Our Body’s Reaction

A crowd can become inflamed before charging into battle. Kindling must become inflamed before it…

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Inflammation: A Symphony of Cells in Distress

Inflammation and the Body’s Cry: Decoding the Cellular Primal Scream

When cells feel threatened, they react. Often they act intelligently. When we get a splinter,…

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Setting Fire to Misconceptions: The Real Deal on Inflammation

We kick off with an overview of inflammation - its purpose, and its benefits. In…

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CHI Palm Infratonic 11

CHI Palm: The History and Research

Discover the benefits of the CHI Palm Infratonic 11: This article explores the technology, research, and science behind this incredible device.
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Hyaluronic Acid and the CHI Palm Infratonic 11

Naturally Create More Hyaluronic Acid with the CHI Palm Infratonic

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that has many important…

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Do You Struggle?

Do you struggle?

It often seems that life is nothing but struggle. Why do we sometimes feel it…

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The Present Moment

The Present Moment

Time is flying by, or so it seems. And yet, the present moment is always…

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